get jaythenerdkid to write for you!

if you’re interested in republishing something on this blog or would like to commission content for your publication, please contact me by email ( I check emails daily and respond promptly whenever possible. please do not message me on facebook about writing opportunities! unless we are already facebook friends, your message will go straight into my “other” inbox, which I don’t check regularly, and you may not get a timely reply to your message.

why get me to write for you? other than the obvious reasons (I am fantastically talented, incredibly witty and not burdened by things like modesty), I have been published or republished at the progressive, yes! magazine, the huffington post, the transadvocate, black girl dangerous and the muslim feminists project, amongst many others. not a terrible track record, if I do say so myself.

note: right now, I am not interested in doing pro bono work for any for-profit publications. if you are an editor or curator for a non-profit publication or organisation specialising in a topic or field I’ve written about before, I’d still love to hear from you, but please bear in mind that my paid projects and personal writing do come first.